Witnesses Speak Out About Shooting

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg spoke with a man who witnessed what happened shortly after the shots were fired.

People who were out here right around 5:30 this afternoon help paint a picture of what happened.

A pool of blood, officers swarm the area, a gun on the ground.

Roy Hayes had just finished shopping inside the walmart when he came upon this scene.

"I saw a guy on the ground shot in the head and there was also blood coming from his side," says Hayes.

Hayes couldn't get to his car, because it was tied off as part of the crime scene.

Several others stood nearby in shock.

We spoke with the son of the man who made the 9-1-1 call.

He says the suspect tried to rob his father at gunpoint from inside this BMW.

Then the suspect stepped out and started waving the  gun around.

That's when police showed on the scene, and the suspect was shot.

"It's shocking, you never expect this I will think twice or be more careful in Wal-Mart, you just never know what's going to happen," says Hayes.

Another witness says there was a young male in the BMW passenger seat during the incident.

Police couldn't comment on that.

But witnesses say they later saw the young male in a police car.

Police are still trying to figure out what exactly happened this evening.

They plan to look at whatever surveillance video Wal-Mart can provide to piece together what happened.