Officer Involved Shooting at Wal-Mart

A man is in critical condition and undergoing surgery after police say he was shot twice... and it was an Amarillo police officer that pulled the trigger. 

The incident took place about 5:30 in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart at I-27 and Georgia in Amarillo.

Police say the suspect was in this white BMW, waving a gun around - then dropped it at some point. 

Lietenant Gary Trupe of the Special Crimes Unit tells us when police showed up on the scene... The suspect reportedly reached down to pick up the gun again, that's when we're told the officer acted in self-defense  "Officers advised him to stop, don't pick it up, the suspect picked up the gun and started to turn and point it on the officer. Officer delfierro fired two shots from his gun hitting the suspect twice in his upper body. "

Officers then began to give the suspect first aid until an ambulance arrived.

Police say the BWM  was stolen this morning from an Amarillo dealership.

The suspect has not yet been identified.

Officer Delfierro will be placed on paid administrative leave for three days.