As medical scanners become faster and more popular, doctors want to see their tests results faster too.

Noelle Gardner tells us about a new option when it comes to medical scanners.

This is the usual scene during a magnetic resonance imaging test.

Scott Huber of Prova Images says, "where images typically have been done by the technologist and large number of images have been captured and then the radiologist has reviewed those images in a post processing fashion the next day, reading those images."

A new computer workstation and software used with MRI scanner called cardiovue could change all that.

A cardiologist typically wants the answer right away

During this drug induced stress test, which can be risky, doctor hundley is right there, he watches the beating heart.

This device allows one to collect the images in near real time and view them throughout the course of the stress test while it's going on."

First he sees images of the heart at rest.

Then, a drug is injected to make the heart speed up and more pictures are taken.

Unlike other heart imaging tests that focus on one function, the

MRI looks at many different aspects of the heart in the same scan. That's an advantage but it's also a lot of information to review.

By collecting all that information and having to assimilate it, organize it and look at it in order to make an effective diagnosis, you need a tool to effect that plan.

And that's what cardiovue provides.

Faster cardiac care with a view.