Bugs Keep Pampa Kids Away from School

The flu and respiratory infections have been going around Amarillo but we aren't alone.

One Pampa school is feeling the effects of winter bugs.

In fact now the health department is looking into the illnesses. 
NewsChannel 10's Tina Berasely went to Pampa to get the story.

At Lamar elementary 49 kids were absent today and several more were sent home with a range of symptoms. 

The kids are complaining of stomach ache...fever...nausea and even pink eye and they have been for more than two weeks.

We are told symptoms can come on quickly.

Many children go to school but are then sent home within hours.

School nurse  Brenda Dunn understands parents want their children to be in school but she says keeping your child home is the best way to keep the germs form spreading. 

"The biggest thing that I ask parents to do if there child is sick or if their child is running a fever in the morning is to stay at home. They need to be fever free for 24 hours before they go to school. Those are all very vital things to help up us not continue to spread it." 

I spoke with the Texas Department of Health and they were not aware of the large number of absentees across the city.

They tell me they will now be looking into the issue.