Warrant Round Up

Thousands of people in Amarillo and Randall County have outstanding warrants. 

Post cards have been sent out warning people they could be arrested if they do not pay their fines.

It's part of a state wide warrant round up that includes the Amarillo Police Department, Randall County Sheriff's office and West Texas A & M University Police.

Starting March 3rd, if you have not taken care of your fines, you could face jail time. 

"There will be at least 12 teams of officers out that week making arrests, so this is just fair warning to all those folks who have warrants outstanding to get their warrants taken care of,"says Joel Richardson, Randall County Sheriff.

"We're looking at really thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars just within the City, not to mention the County and statewide, but that's lots of money that the state is missing out in revenue as well." says Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

You can call the agency that sent you the postcard to pay your fines or you can also go to the Municipal Courts building downtown.

They will be extending their hours starting tomorrow from 8 a.m.to 8 p.m.

If you do not get one of these postcards in the mail, but are wondering if you have a warrant.
You can see the list yourself by following this link.