Cactus police chief seeks new beginning

The new Cactus police chief aims to enforce a new image for his squad.   Chief Larry Kelsay is finishing up his first four weeks at the top job.   This comes after city commissioners fired former chief Tim Turley citing "incompetency" among other reasons.   Kelsay hopes to revamp the police relationship with people in town.

"The Cactus police department has always been kinda the black sheep of the departments and we're going to raise the standards of the Cactus police department, says Kelsay.   Kelsay is starting with local businesses.

Local store clerk Bonnie Samples notes "he's been coming around and whenever we close, he has different people coming and checking us when we close the store and I've never had that before so that's really good."

Kelsay heads a three-man force and is looking to increase the staff to five.   Right now the chief is the only city policeman who actually lives in Cactus city limits.