Shoppers May Shun ConAgra Brands After Recall

The nationwide peanut butter recall will cut into Conagra foods profits.

Up to $60 million worth. 

And as NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg explains it may end up being more than that, because local customers are afraid to buy Great Value or Peter Pan peanut butter.

That $60 million includes losses Conagra expects after providing customers with refunds and retrieving all their recalled products.

But it's hard to estimate their losses when they restock the shelves but customers are too afraid to buy.
"If it happened once, there's a chance it could happen again, I'm just real skeptical about it," says Bradley Harrelson.
"I just don't want to take that risk, that can make you sick. We just won't eat peanut butter anymore, if it isn't on crackers we won't eat it," says Tara Newsome.

Nearly everyone we spoke with agrees, they're done with Great Value and Peter Pan brands. 
So if it was on the shelf at the store, most of it would stay there.

Almost 300 cases of Salmonella poisoning are being linked to the jars made at a Georgia packing plant. 14 of those cases are in Texas. None have been reported in the Amarillo area.

One peanut butter lover says he may go back to the two brands once everything settles down.
"If you make sure it's safe, maybe you can go back to it but for the time being no," says Johnny Enriques.

But that's a big maybe. We found only one woman who is remaining loyal.
"All my life I've loved it and for whatever reason that happened I'm just not afraid of it, I think it was a one time thing," says Minnie Pearl Villarreal.

The spinach E-Coli scare from last year has seemed to blow over. Only time will tell if the same will hold true for Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter.