Wiping Out Wrinkles

Wouldn't it be nice to wipe out wrinkles?

Noelle Gardner gives us an option... for men and women when it comes to fighting the clock.

We are all searching for the fountain of youth.

As we get older the collagen in our bodies that plumps up our skin and keeps us looking youthful breaks down.

"As we age you lose volume in your face, especially between your nose and your mouth and they start to turn down that's very aging."

Nobody likes to age.

Doctor Elaine Cook says a popular cosmetic treatment, Restylane is not only wiping out wrinkles but it is producing more collagen, "Actually the fillers themselves the fiber blasts- the fiber blasts are cells in the skin that produce collagen and so when you inject these fillers it ends up plumping up these fiber blasts and streching them out so they are more like fiber blasts that you see in children and they make more collagen."

Experts say that gives your skin a firm appearance.

In addition to filing wrinkles, restylane forces your own body to rejuvenate your own collagen that means regular injections have long lasting effects.

Doctor Elaine Cook says, "It restores volume we think of it like coloring your hair or getting your nails done."

This facial filler smoothes out wrinkles around the nose and mouth and keeps lips plump.

Doctor Elaine Cook tell me, "It is like daily maintenance like getting your hair and nails done.

It makes you look ten years younger."

Now you can put on your best face. A face that look ten years younger.