Area Fire Departments Prepare for Wildfire Season

No fire danger today.

But that doesn't mean we're in the clear.

Area firefighters know that.

And that's why they're preparing for another possible vicious wildfire season.

We've already had a taste of the wildfire season...

Two range fires recently broke out in the panhandle.

And it's scenes like that, that have crews constantly training getting ready for such blazing conditions. 

High temps...

Strong winds...

Making for a bad mix when it comes to wildfire season.

"it doesn't take much to get it off then we're right back to where we were last spring," says Asst. Chief Bob Watson.

That's why these crews in Borger are taking action now.

"We're gonna take a refresher course on wild land fires just to make sure our people stay as safe as they can," he says.

The department also purchased another brush truck similar to this one. The new one will carry more people more water and help navigate through rough terrain.

Other departments count on other departments more because we know it can happen," says Chad Howe.

He knows because he fought last year's big blazes.

"I hadn't seen anything that moved that fast and that powerful," he says.

Now one year later more proactive measures are in effect to combat any situation.

"If a fire is between 2 jurisdictions they'll go ahead and dispatch both so we've got fire units in route quicker," says Watson.

A quicker response to quickly douse the flames.

"This year we're hoping its not as bad," says Watson.

A sentiment felt by all...

"It does nobody good when a wildfire takes off ... I hope for moisture is what I hope for this year," says Howe.

The department is also working to educate the public.

It's handing out these pamphlets reminding people how to burn trash properly cook outdoors and protect their property.