WT Alleged Rape Investigation

New this afternoon...there are now five suspects involved in the alleged rape case at West Texas A&M University. 

NewsChannel 10 spoke with the university police chief today. No charges have yet been filed...police tell us they still have more interviews to conduct.

We also know the victim did receive medical assistance.  The chief hopes to have more information by the end of the week

An alleged rape case is being investigated at West Texas A&M University.

University police tell NewsChannel 10 the incident took place at one of the dorms on campus early Sunday morning.

It involves an adult female, but police say she is not a WT student.

Several suspects were involved in the alleged rape.  Officials also say they believe alcohol may have been a factor

The university jumped into action warning students and staff with fliers, e-mails and a web-based crime alert.   

NewsChannel10'S Felicia Lafuente spoke with WT students about the investigation. 

Once word spread of the alleged attack many students we spoke to were upset and confused. 
  "To all of a sudden it pop up like this, it's discouraging,disheartening," says Katherin Johnston, a WT student.
   "Well pretty much, I'm outraged about what's going on our campus. I think it's a terrible tragedy that something like that happens," says Jake Males, a concerned WT student.
   "I didn't expect it, it was surreal kind of as I was reading it going this happened on WT,"says Andria Law, a shocked WT student.

University Police sent out the crime alert which explains the alleged rape. It's the first case this year at WT. 

All the students we spoke with were shocked but they also brought up questions of their own.
   "You know what a non-WT doing in the residence halls?," asks Law.
   And how can they feel safe.
   "It wasn't just one person, it was more than one you know," says Maria Davila, a WT student.
   "We've never had this problem before so for it to come up now in a residence hall, they should probably put more watch and restrictions on residence halls," says Johnston.

Students also say they should play in part in their own safety and learn from this.
   "This ought to wake people up to this, if this can happen to me, let's be more aware don't walk around campus by yourself, always be in numbers, and don't get alone in a situation you shouldn't be," says Males.
   "I think people just need to be more aware of this because it can happen, we've been shown that now," says Tyler Leavitt, a concerned WT student.

Although a crime has not been confirmed at this time, University Police are encouraging students to be careful and cautious.
   They also ask if you have any information, you should call them at 651-2300.