Tackling the TAKS

Local students are preparing for their first crack at this year's TAKS test.

Area 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will tackle the reading portion of the statewide assessment exam tomorrow. And the pressure's on, particularly for 3rd graders who are facing the test for the first time. 

Third graders have to pass the reading part of the exam before they can move on to 4th grade.

Joi McMurray squeezed in some last minute test reviews this morning for her Rolling Hills 3rd graders, but then moved on to other lessons.

She says her kids are ready. "They're prepared, they know what to do, we're just trying to go over strategies and remind them of everything but I don't want to make them nervous or anything, I mean I know some of them are, but I think they'll do great."

Fifth graders we spoke with say they're confident about picking up their number two pencils tomorrow.   

Students have been preparing for tomorrow all year... amid classroom contests and hallway signs to raise morale for acing the exam.

Principal Doug Rawlins says the school just missed an "exemplary" classification last year... The highest a school can earn for taks test performance. 

It's a mark he hopes to hit this time around.