Healthy Chocolate

It's sweet news that shouldn't be hard to swallow--

Some experts say chocolate in moderation can be good for you.

Noelle Gardner discovers the benefits of chocolate.

We probably don't need another excuse to like the sweet stuff...

There's mounting scientific evidence that suggests chocolate is good for your heart... That's according to a study at Johns Hopkins.

Doctor Diane Becker says, "we found that chocolate made your blood infinitely less sticky, that platelets were less likely to clump together and to form clots."

Scientists at Mars claim its new Cocoavia brand contains high levels of flavanols- good for your heart.

Tim Cunningham says there are things chocolate shoppers should look out for.

"The key word being cocoa is the dark chocolate that has a high concentration of the flavanols in it and the studies have gone from heart disease to blood pressure."

I found a chocolate lover who says cocoa makes him feel bliss.

Jon Hanauer says, "it has so many chemicals in it that it makes us feel good. It's associates with the holidays. I think every holiday out there people give chocolate."

Everyday should be a holiday. Jon treated me to a piece of bliss - his own creation.

Tim Cunningham says, "We're talking about the old fashion types of chocolate that are very dark typically very bitter in taste so you gotta look for that"

Some studies suggest that cocoa can improve the health of blood vessels. Chocolate is a high calorie treat and needs to be consumed in moderation.

Jon Hanauer says, "it's a bliss chemical and it makes you feel like you feel when you are in love."

Experts say it's okay to eat chocolate for your health- just make sure it's a modest calorie load- not over load.