Fire-Safe Cigarette Legislation Filed in Texas

This wildfire N of Amarillo was blamed on a discarded cigarette
This wildfire N of Amarillo was blamed on a discarded cigarette

Lit cigarettes left burning could pose a serious danger...but a new law could soon minimize that threat in Texas. 

A new bill may soon require that only fire-safe cigarettes are sold in the Lone Star State.

The smokes would be made from special paper that would go out if not smoked within a period of time.

The Amarillo Fire Department is familiar with these types of accidents and says the special cigarettes are a step in the right direction.

"We would never want another smoking related fire death again ever that would be the top of the heap that would be the best we could do ever and hopefully this will help us get to that point. "-Lt. Mike Goodson, AFD

The bill may be filed early next week....the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes says six other states already require the special paper cigarettes.

States that have passed fire-safe cigarette laws:

California, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusets

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