Valero Explosion near Dumas

Photos sent in by Randall Rose
Photos sent in by Randall Rose

There is a massive fire at this hour at the Valero plant outside of the city of Dumas.
Dumas police confirm there's been an explosion at the plant around 2:30 this afternoon.

Flames and smoke could be seen from miles around. 

EMS and Lifestar responded to the plant and We can confirm three people with critical injuries at the Lubbock University Medical Center. At least one was sent to the hospital with chest pains. Others who were sent to the Dumas hospital have already been treated and released.

However there is no official word on how many injuries as of yet.

We do know the plant was immediately evacuated, and that all plant personel have been accounted for.

Highway 119 was still closed as of 6:15 this evening within one mile of the plant.

The Dumas community Center is now serving as a stagging area for Valero workers and their families. 

Right now NewsChannel 10's Tina Berasley is there with several hundered employees ... Medical personnel and family members.

Right now employees are undergoing medical checks to be sure they don't have any respritory problems and people with more serious injuries are being treated at what they are calling a triage center.

Valero officials are telling us that family members are coming here to pick up their loved ones.

Some of them have no idea where their loved ones are so they are coming here in hopes of finding them.

Valero officials will soon be able to tell us how many people were involved in the explosion.

Valero recently released this statement to NewsChannel 10:

They say mutual aid is on the way.

Valero has dispatched two planes from its corporate headquarters in San Antonio with support teams, supplies and other resources

Valero also said they believe the fire started in the propane de-asphalting unit which processes residual fuel at very high temperatures.

If you have view pictures of the Valero plant you can upload them here on our viewer photo forum.