Family Suspects Salmonella

Calls poured into our newsroom about the recall today.

We found a family of peanut butter lovers who are suffering salmonella like symptoms.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg sat down with them today, she has their story.

The Harvey family eats peanut butter everyday.

And up until the recall, they thought they were snacking on a healthy, tasty treat.

"It's a shock to find out a product that's been so good can be tainted," says Christina Harvey.

Christina Harvey had three jars of Great Value Peanut Butter with the 2111 code in her kitchen.

She says the salmonella scare explains why she and her husband Larry have been feeling ill.

"I've been feeling this way for a week, diarrhea and I felt like blacking out and the room spinned and I got dizzy and light headed," says Christina Harvey.

"It's really scary because you're going to wonder what you're eating every time you open something," says Larry Harvey.

It's especially worrisome for Larry because he suffers several health problems already like diabetes and emphysema.

"It shakes me up because I have so many things wrong with me and I have a 3 year old daughter, and if something happen to her, I may not last that long," says Larry Harvey.

The couple is so bothered by the news, they will never buy Great Value peanut butter again.

For now they are just happy their two daughters don't like peanut butter.

"I was disappointed because it's always been good peanut butter. It's the only brand we buy is great value," says Christina.

For more information about this recall, or refunding your jars of peanut butter call ConAgra at this number (866) 344-6970.