Drug Ring Shattered

Seven people are in the Randall County jail after a two year federal investigation into a drug trafficking ring involving meth, cocaine and ecstacy. 
    Several raids took place early this morning in Amarillo. Agents say they found 7 lbs of meth, worth almost 400 thousand dollars on the street. 

    Helicopters, DEA agents and local sheriff's departments were involved in shutting down the ring, allegedly operated by members of the Phengsengkham family.   Several family members and others involved in the operation appeared in federal district court this afternoon in downtown Amarillo. 
     Court documents show several area businesses were reportedly used as a front for their drug operations, including the Colonial Manor Motel, Ted's Place and the Xtacy Club.
     Surveillance at the bars showed they were hardly ever open, and customers at the motel were told the business didn't even rent rooms.
   According to authorities several sources in the investigation say the family distributed between 20-30 lbs of meth a month. 
  The seven people at the hearing today are in the Randall County jail right now without bail.     Over the course of the investigation agents recovered over a million dollars worth of drugs and cash.