Text Message Writing In Student Papers

Tammi Fitz, English Teacher
Tammi Fitz, English Teacher
Diana Riha, English Teacher
Diana Riha, English Teacher
Chelsey Shaver, Student
Chelsey Shaver, Student

Text messaging seems to be all the rage these days, and if you text chances are you
abbreviate a few words to help you text faster. Well now that style of writing is showing
up in some area classrooms.

Newschannel 10 spoke with two teachers who say technology is creating a new trend.  Several teachers in the area say their students turn in papers with a text message style of writing. Writing in all lower case, no punctuation, and with abbreviations like "g2g" for got to go, "u" for you, "jw" for just wondering, "gr8" for great and so on.

Tammi Fritz is an English teacher at Randall High School, she says she's
noticed the new tend in her class.  She says students want to get things done faster these
days.  Diana Riha is another English teacher who works at Canyon High School.  She's
dealing with the same issue with her students.  We spoke with Chelsey Shaver, a student
at Canyon High.  She says she will use short hand or abbreviations in her notes but not
in a paper she is turning in.

Both Fritz and Riha say they have spoken with their
students about the problem and reinforce proper grammar. They say short cuts for texting
is just fine, but say it is very important to write correctly in a classroom or
professional setting.