COPY-Valentine Deliveries Slowed by Snow

Picking out the perfect gift for the one you love this Valentine's Day can be stressful, but this year florists and delivery drivers are feeling the pressure.

NewsChannel 10's Tina Berasley took a ride on a flower delivery route, and brings us their story:

Slippery road conditions are slowing down deliveries from Lefleur florist in Amarillo, even with extra trucks and extra help. 

Cindy Hobbs is helping out on the delivery route today "I took off today to come over and help my sister who has the flower shop and didn't expect this weather to be like this...the parking lots have really been kinda icy and slick."

They've only been able to deliver about seven bouquets an hour, half as many as on a regular day...but this flower shop was ready for the rush. 

Even florists have to keep an eye on the forecast, many arrangements were pre-made several days ago to get a jump of the large number of orders. Floral Designer Dave Nicholson said "It enabled us to get our drivers out on the road very early this morning. With weather like this we have to keep the loads limited, smaller loads and fewer stops because its gonna take us longer to make those deliveries."

The shop's owner promises every customer will get their bouquet today. She takes down an alternate address in case they can't deliver your darling's surprise to her desk.

Susan Hobbs added "We get a lot of people that call in and want it timed but there's no way we can do that on these kind of days...they're pretty understanding when you tell them the weather is bad and we're doing what we can to get your order out safely."