Businesses Bundle Up for Cold

Wilson Freeman
Wilson Freeman

You can't cancel Valentine's Day because of bad weather.... So businesses that make deliveries  are bracing for the snow to arrive. 

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on how they plan to profit in the bitter cold. 

   They're calling in extra help, working late and bundling up to prepare for the challenge mother nature is forecasted to bring. 
   Plenty of plastic is going around at Freeman's Flowers to keep petals warm in the cold. 
"When its below 32, especially with this wind, it will kill the flowers quicker than heat will," says Wilson Freeman, owner of Freeman's Flowers.

Some employees have been working all day to wrap up the hundreds of roses, tulips and posies that will be weathering the elements for Valentine's Day.

But if it gets bad enough outside, business might come to a halt.

"I think it might cause a problem around noon, I might not be able to take anymore deliveries, depends on how much snow falls or the condition of the streets," says Freeman.

Other businesses bank on the cold, because staying in - often means ordering out. 
"The drivers usually get better tips so whenever weather to rely on they're usually happier to go out. We scheduled more people because we knew the weather would be colder," says Megan Bence, who manages at Pizza Hut off Western.

As for Freeman's they have $20,000 invested in Valentine's Day - and lots of man hours... So they hope the weather will be kind to their drivers. "Tomorrow typically is twice the day of today so we expect to double our volume tomorrow," says Freeman's.
Freemans made 230 deliveries today. They are hoping for close to 500 tomorrow.

So here's hoping you get your flowers tomorrow...