Area Schools Beset with Bugs

Kids are falling ill in high numbers lately especially in Canyon.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin is looking into cases, and what the schools are doing to keep germs from spreading. < P> has the story:

Everyday dozens are calling in sick... And dozens are going home.

From the flu... to strep throat... to a stomach virus

The big bug is striking students at the elementary level big time.

76 kids at Reeves-Hinger stayed home sick today...

Up to 60 at Arden Road...

30 at Crestview...

And on Monday over 50 at Sundown Lane were absent with illnesses.

"This year is worst than last year. The flu cases have increased and the kids are sick longer they're out for a week rather than just a day or two," says Melanie McKinney, a school nurse.

There are 6 elementary schools in the district...

And officials are really stressing to all the kids to wash their hands and cough in the crook of their arm.

The desks are also being wiped down every night, to help keep the germs in check.

Kids are also coming down with the chicken pox in big numbers...

It was Monday when we first told you 27 kids out of the 525 enrolled at Windsor Elementary in Amarillo have the disease.

Now, a nurse with the Amarillo Independent School District tells us...

From September to today... 126 students district-wide have been sent home with chicken pox.

At San Jacinto, six kids have fallen ill since February 8th.

If your child is sick, school officials stress keep them at home.

And if they haven't received a flu shot, now's the time.

Call this hotline... 351-7001... to find out where to get one.

If you need information on chicken pox vaccinations for your children...

Call the city health department at 351-7220.

A big Chicken Pox outbreak strikes a local school with nearly 30 youngsters out with the disease. Blaire Arvin has more on how parents are reacting...and what health officials say you should do if your child falls ill.