Accused Cop Headed to Court

She is accused of fabricating police citations...And the former New Mexico Department of Public Safety agent will head to trial in two months. 

52-year-old Dolores  of Clovis pleaded not guilty to charges of forgery, tampering with public records and illegal disposal of citations.

Authorities say her supervisor found discrepancies in her citations.

A review of her citations showed signatures of defendants that did not appear to match signatures on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Some of those named in citations denied having received a citation when contacted by investigators. Officials said one man could not have received a citation because he was in jail at the time.

Ledezma-Pinon was arrested April 6th of last year and resigned later that month. Her trial will begin April 12th.

1. DPS Special Agent in Clovis Under Investigation
A criminal investigation has begun against a Department of Public Safety agent in Clovis. Delores Ledezma-Pinon has been placed on leave with pay. Rob Perry of aAbuquerque is serving as her attorney and says Ledezma-Pinon does not have any idea why she has been placed on leave. Perry says...
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2. Clovis DPS Agent Investigated for Forging Citations
The investigation of a Clovis DPS agent continues today after records from the Ninth Judicial Court show dozens of citations issued by the agent included forged signatures of criminal suspects. Court records show the DPS Agent's supervisor, Sgt. Jessie Carter, reported he had "found several...
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3. Clovis DPS Agent Arrested for Forging Citations
A Clovis DPS Trooper is out of jail following her arrest for reportedly fabricating police citations. 51 year old Dolores Ledezma-Pinon was taken into custody Thursday and charged with five counts each of tampering with public records, forgery, and disposition of citations. She was placed on...
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