WTAMU Students Learn Spanish At A Whole New Level

If you have a computer chances are you use it all the time for all kinds of things. Well one West Texas A&M University professor created a new way for her students to use computers to help them learn Spanish.   At first, Dr. Linda Mullin put audio lessons on I-pods or MP3 players but decided that wasn't enough.   She wanted more for her students.  She decided to use audio and visual tools to create a learning system students can access at any time. Mullin records herself using the words they are studying.  She puts the recording on a school based web site.   The students see and hear how the words are pronounced from Mullin as well as see the words written out.  Mullin says using words in context is key to learning how to communicate and retain information.  During the video lessons Mullin will say a word in English and Spanish, she pauses for the student to say it back.  Then she uses the word in a sentence.  Also saying it in Spanish and in English.  Students see, hear, and interact.  Mullin says Spanish is becoming more and more popular in the Unites States so if you can communicate in more than one way, it could benefit you, especially with certain jobs. She hopes this technology is a tool students can lean from and use in their daily lives.   She says plans are in the works to use this system in other WTAMU programs such as the nursing program.