Chicken Pox Outbreak at Local School

A big Chicken Pox outbreak strikes a local school. 

NewsChannel 10 has learned nearly 30 youngsters have caught the disease The rash of cases is going on at Windsor Elementary... located in the 6700 block of Hyde Parkway. 

The school sent out a letter to parents to let them know about the outbreak. 

The parents we spoke with... were not that concerned. 

Julie Jones has three young ones who attend the school. "Its an inconvenience and its not fun for the kids but its just a part of life."

Her three children have not come down with the disease...they have all been vaccinated. 

That's the same for Sharon Warner.  "If she's gonna get it she's gonna get it and shes been vaccinated and if she gets it its not going to be a bad case...I'm just going to send her to school, make sure shes okay and just do the best I can on my end. 

And on the school's end... We're told officials are stressing that the kids wash their hands.    Something Jones already does. 

"They know when they walk in the door they must wash their hands."

No word if any other school is dealing with a chicken pox outbreak right now. But we did speak with a handful of local doctors who say they are seeing more kids come in who've come down with the disease.

About the disease:

It's most common in kids 12 and under and can last up to two-weeks.

Symptoms include itchy blisters on the body and a fever.

Registered Nurse Kristina Hudson says if you're child has chicken pox, the best thing is to make sure they're drinking lots of fluids. "You just have to keep your child hydrated if you do get it make sure everyone around you knows they do have it because you want to limit the exposure as much as possible."

chicken pox vaccination is mandatory for local students and are given out starting at 12 months old.

The health department says the FDA recently approved a booster for kids 4-years or older.

For more information on where to get one call the city health department at 351-7220.