Drug Sting Shocks Neighborhood

Additional charges could soon be filed against a man arrested during a major drug sting in Amarillo. 

28-year-old Nathaniel Robinson II was booked into jail on charges of delivery of controlled substances.

The Amarillo police narcotics unit and a SWAT team swooped in on Robinson Friday while he was in a truck along Polk street.

They say they found 69 grams of crack with a street value of nearly 14-thousand dollars.

As well as one ounce of pot on him. 

Agents later searched his home in the 7700 block of Reward.

That's where they say they discovered several handguns, nearly 670 grams of cocaine and about 380 grams of crack cocaine. All with a street value over 143-thousand dollars. Four vehicles were also seized in connection with this case.

NewsChannel 10's Alex Tomlin talked to some of Robinson's neighbors, who were shocked by the bust:

This quite neighborhood never worried about things like drugs or violence on their street.

"I live alone and have never, never been frightened."

But residents were in for a rude awakening when police raided a nearby house and  they quickly realized that their worse nightmares had come true.

"I'm just shocked to death , and to think it was just two doors down from me."

Neighbors tell us that 10 to 12 unmarked police cars raided the house where Robinson lived. While some neighbors never were suspicious, other said that they saw traffic at the house at all hours of the day and night.

"When I get out to go to work, I go out to the alley, and see all these cars, but I didn't pay attention."

"There where cars parked out, numerous cars parked out, different times of the day and night."

Even with the shocking news of alleged drug manufacturing and dealing on their street most feel that they still live in a safe neighborhood.

"It makes you feel good that the police are out there doing what they are suppose to be doing, and they took care of business so that's a good thing."

The investigation is still under way tonight.

Robinson is booked on charges centered around dealing and manufacturing controlled substances.

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