Drug Bust in Amarillo

Tonight nearly $160,000 worth of crack, cocaine and marijuana is off the street and a man is behind bars.  It's a two week probe that has just wrapped up.

The Amarillo Police Narcotics Unity and SWAT team hit up locations on Polk, Rogers and Reward on Friday after obtaining several search and seizure warrants against 28-year-old Nathaniel Robinson, II.

Newschannel 10 is told that officers swarmed in on Robinson while he was in a truck along Polk Street.  They arrested him and searched the vehicle.

During the search authorities found sixty-nine grams of crack worth an estimated $14,000 and one ounce of pot.

The squad also searched Robinson's home at 7720 Reward where they recovered several handguns, 668 grams of cocaine and 383 grams of crack cocaine, all worth over $143,000.

Four vehicles were also seized during this operation.