Passport Scramble

Travelers are now flooding the passport agency in Amarillo and others across the country.

NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg explains the rush for passports exceeds what local officials expected. 

Cheyenne Wheatley works in Amarillo's only passport office by herself. 

She expected a jump in applications after a federal law started requiring passports for international flights into the U.S. last month. But she admits, she wasn't expecting the a jump this big. 

She says on a busy day she'll process about 25 applications, but this week she's processed as many as 35 a day.

"We are getting about 50 to 60 phone calls a day...on my log we average about one every three to five minutes, all day long."

Wheatley says passport appointments are booked through the end of the month.

To apply for a passport go the State Department Website.

And that news has some, like Delila Hernandez scrambling to apply for passports in time for travel. 

  " I have to hurry up and try to get passports as soon as I can because my husband has to leave the country, and I'll be going with him."

Now if you need a passport.. The Post Office at 2301 South Ross is holding a one-day passport fair tomorrow from nine o'clock until one in the afternoon, and no appointment is necessary.

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