Amarillo Gas Prices Top the Charts Again

gas sign at area Toot'N Totum
gas sign at area Toot'N Totum

Amarillo drivers are again facing some of the highest gas prices in Texas. 

That's according to the latest AAA released this week.

Amarillo came in with an average of $2.16  for a gallon of regular unleaded, with prices as high as $2.25 in some places.

That's almost 10 cents higher than the state average of $2.07

NewsChannel 10 has been following gas prices closely since the dramatic increases caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Since that time, prices at the pump in Amarillo have been consistantly higher than state and national averages.

The cheapest fill, according to is at the Exxon at I-40 and Whitaker at $2.08 and the pricest fill in town can be found at Toot'nTotum on I-40 and Georgia where a gallon will cost you $2.25 and up.

Gas remains the cheapest in Corpus Christi with an average of  one $1.99.