Parents Outraged Over Wreck

Why were Caprock High students driving other students to and from baseball practice... That's what parents of players involved in a serious accident this week want to know. 

Parents thought their kids were practicing for baseball at the Caprock campus Monday.

But they were really driving across town to the Double J batting cages, with teens behind the wheel. 
This is what's left of the SUV  that was carrying the four players. It flipped over a wall on I-40 landing on the ground below.

One of the boys remains in critical condition. His mother, Donna Yaw is distraught, "My son is laying in a hospital bed, he may never play ball again."

Curtis Zeissel, the father of another injured boy, wants to know why teens were driving other teens, "Pubilc transport should've been sought out and if not we should've been contacted for permission, especially being bussed by other children."

AISD spokeswoman Beck McIlraith says parents had granted  permission when they signed this form at the beginning of the school year.

It states that students can be driven by a private vehicle for school functions. 

"We've got all sorts of athletes at all high schools that make trips for certain instances, it's just part of being involved in that sport. "

The parents vaguely remember the form, but they assumed the drivers would be adults or coaches.

Melissa Zeissel says. "I don't give permission for another child to take my students off campus, for any reason"

Donna Yaw says, "It's inconceivable that they would let a 17 year old drive the other kids to the dugout."

The parents have hired legal counsel hoping to get answers from AISD.

Both parties have spoken with NewsChannel 10, but they have yet to talk to each other.