Flu Prevention

Steering clear of illness during flu season is more than a matter of just washing your hands. One local pharmacist suggests washing your nose.

According to one local pharmacist, some over-the-counter products at the drug store, like a salt water nose wash, can help you head off a nasty cold before it's time to see a doctor.

Pharmacist Robin Johnson is a big believer in prevention.

In fact sickness kept two of her own employees home Thursday.

She recommends a saline solution to moisten your sinuses and keep up their defenses. "Your nose is built in a certain way so that it prevents the inhalation and absorption of bacteria if it's in good shape then you'll do a better job of that," she says.

Johnson adds many saline solutions available are also safe for young children.

And more than just reminding kids to wash their hands, she recommends parents make sure children know where they can wash there hands whether at school, daycare or anywhere else.

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