Friona Schools Recognized for Integration

Friona Grade School Christmas Program, 1954: courtesy Friona Star
Friona Grade School Christmas Program, 1954: courtesy Friona Star

A small area town is now receiving recognition for having the first school in Texas to allow African Americans.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente attended the special dedication in Friona today. 

Dozens of students, faculty, and residents filled this auditorium today to dedicate a historical marker for Friona.

Back in 1954, African American students were allowed into the school, the first time that happened in Texas.

It's a good history lesson for current students.

"We couldn't believe how big Texas is, we were the 1st school in Texas to intergrate, we're really excited, this puts up on the map," says Emily Allen, FHS student.

Pedro Ramos, a former Friona student, began the process to get the historical marker more than a year ago.

"I just jumped hysterically, cried because it was a dream of mine, just to see a dream become into a reality and see it in person, see that historical marker in front of the school, its something that will be in Friona for as long as it stays. It's part of history, history before and after, students are going to be able to have that pride to say Friona has such an immense impact on Texas history because of equal education, will be very proud of our community,"says Ramos.

"Not every school can say that they are the 1st to intergrate," says Allen.

During the dedication, the Mayor of Friona also declared February eight as Equal Education Day.

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