Man Indicted in Filmore Shooting Death

Lawyar Ewings
Lawyar Ewings

A Potter County grand jury returned a murder indictment this afternoon.

63-year old Lawyar Ewings was indicted for the murder of Jessica Renee Termain.

Termain was found shot in the head in a downtown parking lot near Filmore and 5th last September.

Ewings later turned himself in to authorities a trail date has not yet been set for the case.

1. Fillmore Shooter Charged
A 63-year-old man has officially been charged with murder in connection to a weekend shooting in Amarillo. Lawyar Ewings has been arraigned and charged with shooting 29-year old Jessica Termain in a parking lot near Fillmore and 5th Avenue Saturday. Ewings turned himself in to police...
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A man is in jail right now facing murder charges after a woman was found shot in the head. The crime happened just after one this morning near Fillmore and 5th Avenue in Amarillo. Police say 63-year-old Lawyar Ewings turned himself in after 29-year old Jessica Termain was found shot to death in...
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