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Caprock Parents Seeking Answers

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  • 02.08.07

    Parents Outraged Over Wreck

    Parents Outraged Over Wreck

    Parents thought their kids were practicing for baseball at the Caprock campus Monday. But they were really driving across town to the Double J batting cages, with teens behind the wheel. And now, after a serious accident parents want some answers...and they have hired an lawyer to help them.

Three Caprock High School athletes are recovering from injuries they suffered in a serious accident Monday when their car flipped over the I-40 highway overpass near the downtown interchange. 

The three baseball players were on their way to batting cages for practice.

One of the teens suffered spinal injuries that could keep him from playing sports ever again.   The other two are expected to recover fully.

Now the parents are upset because they say they weren't notified that their kids would be practicing outside of school, and that their kids weren't given safe transportation to the batting cages.

Parents say when they asked coaches and school officials about it, they were refused an answer.

But NewsChannel 10 spoke with AISD officials today, they say parents signed release forms at the beginning of the year allowing their kids to ride in private cars for practice.

We will have more on this story tonight on NightCast.

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