Love & Longevity

Research shows that marriage contributes to good health, and people who are healthier tend to live longer.

In tonight's health watch report, Noelle Gardner found a couple who say a  healthy marriage means a healthier life.

It's been said that a happy marriage makes people live longer.

So, I went on a quest to find a couple who has long lasting love.

Bob and Charlene have been married for nearly 65 years.

In all those years they've never fallen out of love.

They tell me love has kept them young.

"A good marriage gives you a long life- I think we have always been compatible and gotten along good and we like to do the same things."

Nina Stein is a licensed counseler, she shares a secret to making  marriage last.
"The most important thing don't let resentment build up- talk about the things that bother you."

Experts say a good marriage is linked to a longer life. Bob and Charlene are living proff. They know the secret... That love really can keep your heart healthy and young.

"I think it takes lots of love and lots of patience, care and understanding"

Nina says you need to figure out your mates language for love.
"You can say I love you by doing a service for you.. By saying words of affirmation. They do it by giving gifts... With physical touch, they may do it with spending quality time with you."

Bob tells me Charlene stirred up a love potion in her cooking. "She's an excellent cook and that is why I married her."

It was love at first sight for Charlene. " I was attracted to him and we enjoyed the same things."

For Bob and Charlene everyday is their anniversary. "Everyday is real fun to us.. We just like to be together."

And that's the secret to the longevity of love.