Perry Budget Would Boost State Parks

If Governor Rick Perry has his way, Texas state parks will be restored to the tune of more than 100-million dollars.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on where this money will come from and who isn't so keen on the idea. 

The revenue would come from the sales tax on sporting goods... Which is an increase of 80-million dollars to rescue what some call, the dilapidated parks system.

And the money could really help here in the panhandle. 

Matt Trujillo with Palo Duron Canyon says smoother trails, wildlife exhibits, and more staff is what visitors will see more of at the canyon if Perry's budget stands. 

" If we had more staff we could get that going and provide that to the public and do more programs for schools, have weddings and trainings and stuff like that out there."

There is a portion of 2-thousand acres known as Canyon Ceda that rangers are hoping to open soon, and extra funding could speed up the process. 

"We'd get that group facility going because we'd have the staff to work on it, and open it quicker to the public probably."

But one area state representative isn't in favor of giving state parks every dollar raised on the sporting good sales tax.

Warren Chisum tells NewsChannel 10; "You can't just go out there and write a check because the money is in the bank, because we have to be prudent about every dollar thats raised... If you send out money without restrain on it, it's not a good way to treat peoples money."

Chisum is also weary of selling the state lottery... but he says whatever differences lawmakers have with what Perry proposed will be ironed out.

"Even the priorities he laid out may run in conflict with legislative priorities but we'll deal with that when we get there." 

Chisum added the budget should be finalized before Easter.

According to state law, it cannot come up for a vote before the 118 day of legislative session.