N. Amarillo Families React to FBI Revelation

Local parents are shocked to learn the FBI's revelation that a suspected kidnapper possibly held Texhoma ten-year-old Marissa Graham captive near the area where they live.

She disappeared in Oklahoma three weeks ago and one day later turned up safe at a Clovis convenience store.

NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg knocked on doors north of Amarillo to hear what neighbors have to say about it:

One woman said the news blew her away. Other neighbors could hardly believe what investigators are saying.... that Marissa's alleged captor likely brought her to the north Amarillo area.

The F-B-I says Marissa remembers seeing a Broadway sign.

One family says they'll keep a closer eye on their children. "It makes me a little bit more aware and probably paranoid because of my kids. Now I'm here all the time but now it's like you kind of wonder if somebody's watching me and my kids," says Broadway area mom Jennifer Long.

Marissa's suspected kidnapper still remains at large.