"Code Red" is Coming

Just a few minutes could mean the difference between life and death when an emergency nears your neighborhood. 

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley tells us about a new warning system coming to Hutchinson county to help notify people when danger strikes. 

Many panhandle cities have ways to alert you when a fire or tornado is about to strike, but they're not always foolproof. 

Borger Mayor Pro-Tem works with the Hutchinson County Emergency Managemnet Department. He said "Everybody thinks that the typical storm siren that you see on the side of the post is the ideal solution but those are called outdoor warning sirens for a reason, they are actually meant to alert people that are outdoors". 

To help people indoors the Hutchinson county emergency management department will soon be using a new method called "Code Red".

They highlight an area of the county map in danger, and then a pre-recorded message is sent over the internet to home phones anytime day or night.

Norma Diaz lives in Borger and thinks "Code Red" is a great idea. "A lot of the time emergencies like that always happen in the middle of the night and everything, when people are asleep. I personally always have my cell phone next to me".

Randy Holland agrees, the issue hits close to home for him. "We got into that situation last summer. There was a tornado warning in Fritch and I went in to look at it on the TV and our dish system was down, if we had a phone calling us that would be good."

The system will call a single home up to eight times until it gets an answer and could be online as soon as next month.

"Code Red" is being paid for by a 10-thousand dollar grant this year.