Church Donates to Potter County Commissioner's Legal Bill

An Amarillo church is donating money to help a Potter County commissioner with legal fees.

And they hope more donations will come in. 

Moore Church is giving $500 to Joe Kirkwood, who was involved in a recent criminal investigation.

No one was ever indicted in the case that alleged the Potter County Road and Bridge department misused public equipment on private property.

But more than 10-thousand dollars in attorneys fees remain.

Last week the County Auditor decided only to pay a small portion of the bill.  

As a result, attorneys may file suit against the county in order to get bill paid.

Picking up the Tab for Potter County Dispute
Potter county taxpayers may have to foot the bill for a recent criminal case. An attorney's bill is all that is left of the case that accused Potter County Road and Bridge employees of misusing equipment. It all started when the Potter County Sheriff's Department launched an investigation...
Last Modified 01/09/2007 12:22:33 AM 

Bills Remain Unpaid in Road & Bridge Dispute
An unpaid bill will force Potter County commissioners to re-visit an issue they thought was put to rest. In September, employees with the Potter County Road and Bridge department were accused of using county equipment on private land without proper permission. No one was ever charged in the...
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Insufficient Evidence in Potter County Investigation
Potter County District Attoney has announced the Grand Jury has found insufficiant evidence to purse charges in the Road and Bridge Investigation. The investigation dealt with whether Potter County employees had used county equipment for personal use. A dispute between the Road and Bridge...
Last Modified 12/06/2006 08:22:25 PM