Building Better Bones

There's a great deal of confusion for women about whether or not to take calcium supplements or which ones are best to take.

Noelle Gardner tells us some ways women can boost calcium intake.

Women need to boost their bones, especially as they age.. That's because peak calcium is at age twenty-five to thirty and drops after menopause.

Doctor Janet Schwartzenberg says there are ways to get stronger bones, "There are many foods you can get extra sources of calcium including cheese, milk and it does not have to be whole milk- skim milk will give you lots of calcium probably more calcium.. Than whole milk. Salmon has lots of calcium, your green salad has some calcium.

For many women there's much confusion about whether or not to take supplements

Or what kinds are the best for bones.

Schwartzenberg says, "Some do supplements such as Tums or Rolaids. It's another form of calcium that you can get."

Calcium alone is very difficult to assimilate into the body- Rolaids for example get into the bone with magnesium and vitamin D. You get a better opportunity of getting the calcium utilized into the bone.

There are things women need to look for.

Something that gives her the calcium that gives her magnesium and vitamin D.

Women begin to lose bone density at the age of thirty and more so after menopause.

Before reaching menopause women should take supplements such as calcium at least 1500 mg daily drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt.. it's a good way to boost your bones.

Schwartzenberg says, "You can't make calcium, you have to get it from outside sources."

Now you can make better choices when it come to better bones.