Kidnapping Investigation

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live in the studio with the latest developments in the investigation.

New tonight  the FBI says Marissa Graham was let go by her captor in Clovis, she didn't escape.

The suspect apparently activated the automatic latch from the vehicle back door, and let Graham out.

That's when she ran into an Allsup's in Clovis.

Special agents are also now saying Graham and her kidnapper drove around the Texhoma - Goodwell area before driving into the Texas panhandle.

It's believed they stopped in Dumas at a convenience store, and then made their way to a home in north Amarillo, near Broadway Street, where they also made a pit stop.

Agents think this route may lead them to the suspect.

"There's a strong familiarity with the Texhoma area, a connection to Amarillo and Clovis and we believe the house in Amarillo is extremely important and people there who have information," says Michael B. Ward, Special Agent.

Graham was then taken to Clovis and possibly held overnight at a local residence.

On Friday afternoon, Graham was let go at the Allsup's where she went inside to call police.

This is surveillance video of her telling the clerks of her kidnapping.

I spoke with Marissa Graham's Aunt this evening, and she said Marissa is doing well. She is in counseling to help her cope with the incident.

We'll continue to keep you updated as the FBI furthers their investigation.