Pampa in Need of Landfill Workers

Tons of trash hauled in from seven counties....

But only a handful of employees to get the job done.

The Pampa landfill is in a sticky situation this evening.

As NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin tells us... the company is having a tough time retaining short-term employees.

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it...

Right now, the landfill is in need of three heavy equipment operators.

And if things don't change... The company and the city could be in the dumps.

Crews busy at work...

Compacting and covering all this trash.

You can't tell by looking at it...

But this place is short staffed.

"We do have some openings," says Donny Hooper, Asst. Dir. of Public Works.

With up to 300 tons of trash from seven different counties coming in everyday you can bet the workers here are stressed.

"There's overtime issues when you're short employees and these guys are working extra hours to make sure that things get done we do have state regulations we have to meet everyday," he says.

Meeting those regulations, but having a tough time keeping employees around.

"We struggle to complete with the oil industry right now," he says.

The city has piled up pay to hopefully turn the trend around.

From $1,600 a month in wages to just under $2,500.

But until this landfill sees more workers roll in...

"They'll bare with it until we can get those positions filled," he says.

Because after all, the trash is going to keep coming.

Pampa has several other jobs it needs filled.

The city is also looking for employees for these positions:

A police officer heavy equipment operators, side load operator and a water distribution technician.

There are part-time positions available too, including a janitorial worker, someone for building maintenance, event staff at the M.K. Brown Auditorium as well as a part time street and parks maintenance worker.

If you'd like to apply for the landfill job or any of these other openings, call the city at... 806-669-5736.