FBI Releases New Information in Kidnapping

Marissa Graham
Marissa Graham

New tonight  the FBI says Marissa Graham was let go by her captor in Clovis, she didn't escape. 

The suspect apparently activated the automatic latch from the vehicle back door, and let Graham out. 

That's when she ran into an Allsup's in Clovis.

Agents tell us the suspect initally lured the 10-year old into the car by promising her a donation for a fundraiser at school.

She had been riding her bike to a friends house on the day of her disappearance to work on a school fundraiser.

Agents say the kidnapper kept her in plain view in the front seat of the car for several hours. 

The feds say she was then taken to Goodwell, Oklahoma, where the suspect talked on a cell phone to someone about news coverage of the abduction.

After that, It's believed they stopped in Dumas at a convenience store, and then made their way to a home in north Amarillo, where they also made a pit stop.

Graham told the FBI they drove to a brick house with a black pick-up in the driveway somewhere near Broadway Street.  

Then they went to an auto body shop in that same area where she was duct taped and put in the trunk. 

She was then taken to a house in Clovis where the suspect put a hood over her head and forced her into a closet.

She was kept inside the closet overnight and told investigators there was a black cat with white paws inside the home and the man called the cat "Whiskers."

Graham was then taken to Clovis and possibly held overnight at a local residence.

On Friday afternoon, Graham was let go at the Allsup's where she went inside to call police. 

Agents think this route may lead them to the suspect.

"There's a strong familiarity with the Texhoma area, a connection to Amarillo and Clovis and we believe the house in Amarillo is extremely important and people there who have information," says Michael B. Ward, Special Agent.    

NewsChannel 10 has obtained surveillance video of her telling the clerks of her kidnapping.

She was handed over to police after going into the convenience store in Clovis and reunited with her family later that same night.

Officials believe Marissa was not sexually assaulted during this ordeal. 
NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg spoke with Marissa Graham's Aunt this evening, and she said Marissa is doing well. She is in counseling to help her cope with the incident.

The suspect is described as a white man, about six feet tall, with a thin build, in his 30's or younger. He has a round face, thin lips, a long pointy nose and short brown hair parted on the side.

He wore glasses, and he was last seen in a blue shirt that had 'Pinceton' written on it, As well as tan cargo pants and white Nike shoes.
If you know anything about this case, or have seen a man matching the description, please call the FBI at: 405-290-7770.

We'll continue to keep you updated as the FBI furthers their investigation.