Perry Proposes Disaster Contingency Fund

The Texas panhandle is no stranger to expensive natural disasters like wildfires and tornadoes...and now Governor Rick Perry wants more money available during these situations. 

A new 50 million dollar statewide "disaster contingency fund" bill is now in the hands of lawmakers.

It will reimburse local fire and police departments for disasters not covered by FEMA...and in some cases get them money right away.

Jordon Coulson says this would be good for Amarillo as it will also cover the cost of setting up disaster teams in the face of danger.

"The City of Amarillo pre positioned a lot of people and a lot of equipment whenever we had wildfires threatening our area and was that the right thing to do absolutely but never the less the city had to absorb the cost of all that overtime and pre positioning of all those people and equipment."

Governor Perry's office says if the bill is approved, funds will be available by this September.

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