Panhandle Winds Power Couple's Home

More people living in the Texas Panhandle are taking advantage of the winds for their own source of electricity.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente visited Bovina today where one couple is doing just that. 

The Texas Panhandle has plenty of wind...It's free and there's an endless supply.

And now one area couple is using it for some of their electricity.

"The wind in this country is almost an everyday occurrence and wind should be or is a resource we should use," says Tony Neal.

The Neals have installed the first residential wind generator in Bovina which they say will help cut down on their monthly electricity bills.

"Our particular case, this turbine should produce 600-800 kilowatts a month on year round average and that would cute our bill in about half," says Neal.

As you can see, it's not turning right now, that's because the winds have not reached at least eight miles per hour.

Once they do, the wind turbine starts turning and will continue turning until the winds hit sixty-five miles per hour.

It then automatically turns off and restarts in an hour.

"Wind turbines are a good thing for our customers so consequently they are a good thing for us as a public utility company," says Paul Leonard with Xcel Energy.

These new energy saving devices can cost you though.The average price is around $10,000 dollars, but the Neals say with the Panhandle winds blowing constantly.

It should take about five to seven years to pay for itself and in the long run, they say it's worth it...

"This is the next generation for wind turbines and especially for residential and rural residents use," says Neal.