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Texas Sanitation Laws & Nail Salons

Many women have artificial nails, but do you know about the important laws cosmetologists must follow to keep you safe from bacteria and other infections? Newschannel spoke with the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations to find out what you need to know.  

It is a law that salons sterilize the instruments they use on you. This way viruses, fungi or other infections are not spread from one person to another.  Nail salons must use a machine called an autoclave for the sterilization.  It uses heat and pressure which kills bacteria. While bad things can happen with artificial nails, they are not a bad thing to have. Many women can have artificial nails for years and never have any problems. So the next time you get those nails done enjoy, but don't be afraid to ask questions because it all comes down to cleanliness and sanitation.

The Executive Director of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations says that right now they are not enforcing the autoclave law. The reason is because Texas Legislators plan to discuss possible changes to the law. Some cosmetologists say the autoclave is very expensive and other sanitation options are needed. Once a final decision is made by state law makers, TDLR will start to enforce the law. Nail salons caught violating the rules can face fines, suspension and even have their license taken away.

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