Sex Offenders on MySpace Investigation

Sex offenders aren't afraid to get in touch with your kids on myspace -a popular socializing website.... We know, because we found them.

Convicted sex offenders asking for sex from local children online.

What newschannel 10  uncovered shocked Amarillo police.

And it may shock you, so we want to warn you what you are about to see may be too graphic.

Tonight, NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg digs deep into the disturbing world of sex offenders online. 

  "He was just telling me, you're so hot I can't wait to get over there and have sex with you"    15-year-old Kathy is the target of a 22-year-old sex offender on Myspace.
   "He starts talking about his private parts, and sexual stuff... he masterbated to my picture and he was being very nasty, he wasn't respecting the fact that I was 15 and he was 22."

She says he spent months befriending her before soliciting her for sex...

"*oh oh is this converstion just between us
**u were sexual im juss trying to forget about that, you have made me feel uncomfortable
*i just thought u might like that kind of thing.....and cuz i eally thought u were pretty and hot...."

Police say this is typical behavior. 

"Sex offenders by nature are patient and willing to work at making rapport with a victim, softening them up until their inhibitions fade away."

This isn't an isolated event.

We found local offenders posting images we can't even show on t-v... And they are in touch with 15 and 16 year old girls... One lies about his age, another even says he still attends a local high school.

The more we showed police, they more they became alarmed. 

"It's worrisome to see the kind of website he would have and it would be my guess that he would be prone to repeat offenses when he's blantantly putting info out like that"

We came across one offender on probation for 2 charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

NewsChannel 10 alerted his supervisor. 

"These are scary and they're frightening"

Easterling forced the offender to get rid of his page... Now, there's no trace of him.

But plenty more remain.

We went knocking to confront  offenders to see if they are**contacting minors...

"It's crossed my mind, but I know in my heart and in my mind that's not what I use it for, and I even passed my last polygraph on the subject, about whether I've seen porn in general or had contact with minors." 

Other offenders we tried to talk to, refused an interview. But now that police know they're logged onto Myspace detectives are taking action.

"We have to keep looking all the time. Some of this that you've shown me is dangerous behavior."

" There's a good chance some of these guys the way they've set up these sites the likelihood of re-offending is very high."

"and it's something we can follow up on."
  So teens like Kathy will feel safer on myspace. 

"It does teach me I should watch who I meet and who I talk to because they could say they're 16 when they're 45."

Since our interview Kathy has blocked the online sex offender from her Myspace.

From now on, her grandmother will track all of her conversations.

"If your child has a Myspace page you need to know how to get to that page, you need to be looking at that page, knowing what they're doing, who they're talking to and what they're talking about."   

From now on Kathy will only chat with her friends and family.