Preventing Heart Disease Series, Pt. 1

Heart disease kills more women than any other disease.

Heart disease awareness is lacking in women...and so are warning symptoms-- that could mean the difference between life or death.

Noelle Gardner tells us how women need to get heart smart.

February is time for matters of the heart, and not just because cupid is floating around- it's heart awareness month.

The team at northwest texas heart hospital is getting the message out.

Leanna Tijerina says, "Heart disease is anytime you have a problem with your vascular system ...the arteries, the veins throughout your circulatory system."

Experts say you need to know the warning signs.

Deborah Moore is aware of the danger of heart disease, "my father had a heart attack so anybody would be silly not to think about it and consider their bodies so you gotta take care of what you got- you only have one."

The best recipe for preventing heart disease is eating healthy. I spotted some women spotting cake and cookies- they declined to talk on camera.

I spotted a brave woman who was eyeing a pie-- she's is not worried about heart disease.

Cindy Stamps, says, "it doesn't scare me too much because there is hardy any of it in my family. I do have a yearly check-up and do blood work. But i don't worry because there's no family history."

Leanna Tijerina adds, "some people don't have a family history- but they can still have cardiovascular disease. Of course you have a family history you are going to be more likely."

The key to a healthy heart is a healthy diet-- like eating five serving of fruits and veggies daily- including whole grains.. and cutting out sweets and desserts like cakes and cookies...yes that  includes the candy heart."

The really good news is, if women really make lifestyle changes they can prevent heart disease.

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