High-Tech Procedures Helping Acne Sufferers

High-tech procedures are helping acne sufferers.

Teenagers and adults, even in their forties can be bothered by acne.

Now there is light treatment offering hope.

NewsChannel Ten's Noelle Gardner takes a closer look.

Mirror mirror on the wall who has more acne of them all?

If you find yourself scrutinizing your face in front of the mirror-- it might be you.

But a high tech- skin treatment is clearing things up.

Especially for Kyla Bell.

She's been been battling breakouts.

Kyla Bell, "we think it might be an acne problem, my face outs really bad. Blister like things." Acne is not fun for anyone.

It can be embarrassing when it flares up and you get a bright red bump.

Cody Simpkins adds, "A lot of people are surprised when they get an acne flare up at thirty five or forty but it very common."

Patients, like Kyla are turning to a new option, a light treatment called clear light.

Cody Simpkins says,"Clear light is a blue light that is used to treat acne it treats active acne-people with red bumps or puss bumps."

Kyla says it doesn't hurt and seems to working-so I thought I'd get into the blue.

Noelle Gardner says, "Now this should clear up all acne?

Cody Simpkins says,"This is gonna clear the red bumps and puss bumps."

Noelle gets up from the bed, " It really does work in just eight treatments you can have clearer skin, it clears the bacteria that causes acne. It's like a lunch time make-over."

Cody Simpkins says,"from what I've seena series of treatments about a week apart."

It kills the bacteria.

Sometime people have to use it in conjunction with other therapies.

Now you can have clear skin again.

I'm glad I cleared that up.