Straight Teeth

Many adults are taking steps to straighten teeth.

NewsChannel 10 reporter, Noelle Gardner shows us how easy it is to get a perfect smile.

When you smile the whole world smiles with you--that's if you have a fantastic smile.

Smiling is good if there is something to smile about--like having straight teeth.

But if you have crooked teeth-- you might not feel like smiling---innovative dental technology is straightening things out.

I found a brave boy who already has a fantastic smile. He is getting a little tune up with the Damon system.

Luke who likes to smile says it did not hurt. I thought I would have Dr. Anthony Harwell take a look at my bite.

A few seconds later... a mold and it is fast-- in just seconds doctor Harwell created an impression of my teeth.

It didn't hurt.

Only sensitivity at first-- like a drinking a cold drink.

After the doctor takes the impression of my teeth, this mold is scanned into a computer, and this plastic piece is my finished product. You have to wear it everyday for straight teeth.

When you have straight teeth the world really does smile with you-- and that's something worth smiling about.