Accused Killer of Pampa Family Receives Change of Venue

A man who has been charged with the the murder of a Pampa family has been granted a change of venue for another murder charge in Pineville, Missouri.

A McDonald County judge granted the request today for Levi King after King's attorney claimed the case had received too much attention from the media.

Levi King is accused in the deaths of the Conrad family in Gray County.

Police say Brian Conrad, his pregnant wife Michell, and her 14 year old son Zach Doan were shot and killed at their farmhouse in September of 2005.

The bodies of Orlie and Dawn McCool were found by a relative in the couple's rural Pineville, Mo., home on Sept. 30, the same day that Gray County officials found the Conrad family slain in their home south of Pampa.

King will face charges for the Gray County murder once Missouri has completed their prosecution.

The state of Missouri has requested the death penalty in the case.

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