Counterfeit Checks On The Rise

Thieves continue to become trickier as Amarillo Police see more and more counterfeit checks.

With the latest technology, thieves can easily make "fake checks" in minutes.

Unless you look very closely, most people really can't tell the difference and that's scary for local business owners who still accept checks from customers.

"I guess being a home florist, we are more trusting of our customers," says Cherry Peach, owner of Alexander's Flowers.

Trusting, but also very careful.

Although this florist still accept checks, she makes sure all her customers have a driver's license and their signature on their checks.

But with thieves being able to easily make checks look so real, Cherry Peach is concerned. 

"We haven't had a problem with that yet, but I can see that might be a problem in the future. We're a small business and small businesses have to be very careful."

Amarillo Police say they are  seeing more counterfeit money also as a result of new technology.